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Persuasive Software Method Adoption and Standardization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225092D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-24
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Software methods and processes refer to the activities that examine, evaluate, measure and improve software development projects. Standard methods exist in all large organizations for all important practices. However, many social and technical challenges impede widespread software method adoption. Software development team collaboration tools like Rational Team Concert©™, Microsoft Team Foundation©™ etc, provide a single, integrated environment for several aspects of the software development process, including agile planning, process definition, source control, defect tracking, build management, and reporting. Despite all their current features and capabilities, these tools however still lack a proactive method guidance and support system which can persuade users to adopt the method. They rather end up imposing rules which determine whether or not some user actions are permissible. In this paper, we present a system and method to persuade users to adopt a software method and thus promote standardization. Our method-adherence score based approach provides a guidance and support system for method, increases the knowledge level of developers and ties incentives to method adoption, thus accelerating software method adoption.