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Automated Generation and Application of Templates for ETL jobs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225093D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-24
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The concept relates to automated Generation and application of Templates for ETL jobs. The disclosed concept helps to create templates from jobs which represent the best practices in an enterprise. These best practices can then be applied in different domains using the disclosed techniques.

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Automated Generation and Application of Templates for ETL jobs

Designing of ETL jobs is a complex process which involves a lot of effort. In a typical organization there are multiple departments which design their own ETL jobs. There is a lot of common best practices that need to be implemented in the ETL job of each department. Disclosed is a method that enables organizations to extract out the best practices from the ETL jobs and create templates out of it. These templates can then be applied to a new ETL jobs. This radically simplifies the effort required to implementing the best practices across the different departments.

Examples of best practices are:

1) Carry Forward Transactions: The carry forward process ensures values from previous historical records are carried forward to subsequent historical records for fields where the subsequent records did not contain updated values

2) Back-dated transactions: The back-dated transaction process ensures that historical records that are processed for an effective date range prior to the current effective record are inserted properly into the historical table and the values present in the back-dated transaction are used as carry-forward values for subsequent records

The steps involved in implementing the proposed technique are given below:

Templatize a given ETL Job: Extracting the "context" in which the ETL job is applicable: The meta-data associated with a job

can be used to define its context (e.g. source-target...