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DelivrMe: Mobile Food-Delivery Application

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225225D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-31
Document File: 6 page(s) / 108K

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Disclosed is an electronic food delivery application for mobile devices that enables customers to order food and have it delivered from vendors or restaurants to any location.

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DelivrMe: Mobile Food-Delivery Application

Food delivery is not available for ALL restaurants; therefore, choice is extremely limited. Family-size food delivery in is not available in stadiums. Food delivery is not available
in airports or other secure facilities. Food delivery is too limited in scope.

Some restaurants have delivery persons; however, they only deliver within a certain geographical area. Some delivery services exist, but not in every town. Some stadiums have deliverers, butthey do not carry all the items available on the menu, nor are they available on-demand.

Food delivery should be available to the buyer anywhere they are.

The solution is a mobile application ordering system that connects buyers with deliverers in a virtual marketplace that:

• Allows consumers to choose their restaurants/food vendors

• Allows consumers to choose their desired delivery time window

• Allows restaurants/food vendors to get delivery service without paying for it

• Allows deliverers to bid on delivery prices

• Allows deliverers to earn business based on merit(user reviews) as well as price

• Highlights the preferred deliverers based on statistical analysis of previous performance concerning the delivery area

• Maintains a list of favorite orders per restaurant/ food vendor

• Filters suggested food items to the top of each restaurant/food vendor's menu based on previous orders and analysis of other users' orders with similar tastes

• Provides ID verification and review history

• Is a starfish organization that can adapt to demands based on its users' input

• Offers instant electronic funds transactions

• Earns revenue through a percentage of delivery fee model

The mobile application interfaces with a mobile device's Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system to provide users with a list of local restaurants or concession stands within a specified distance from which to order or deliver food. The application then, by statistical analysis, identifies available deliverers within that area, with the best overall performance, and highlights their profile as the "preferred deliverer". Users-as-Buyers are able to:

• Create an order, choose from a list of their favorite orders, or choose from a list of suggested items from any restaurant or food vendor's menu

• Identify their general location for delivery

• Accept the bid for delivery based on acceptable user reviews and acceptable delivery price or accept a delivery bid from the suggested preferred deliverer.

Users-as-Deliverers are able to:

• Choose from submitted orders and bid for the chance to deliver the selected order based on the location of the buyer and user ratings.


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• Choose their opening bid based on the variables: distance to deliver, demand, and required time frame

Once the bidding is complete:

1. The buyer enters the exact delivery location for the deliverer (e.g., seat in a stadium, street address).

2. The application displ...