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Automatic Identification of filters to forward mail from existing mail contents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225349D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-12
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The technique herein proposes to have an intelligent set of filter constraints crafted out and used, when the user selects an existing mail or a sent mail for email forwarding - any future mail threads in this regards and send notification to mobile as SMS(Short Messaging Service) to the included receipients.

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Automatic Identification of filters to forward mail from existing mail contents

Field of the Invention :

Sending notification to mobile from lotus notes.

Currently Usage of mobile has been increasing day by day. Day by day mobile companies are introducing new model mobiles with various facility. Not everyone using the same mobile phones. In order to access E-mail through mobile we should use some kind of specific model where mail client accessing is possible. In case of other mobile models which does not support this facility, if I want to check mails or to know did I any receive important mails regarding work there is no possibility to know what communication is being passed.

    To overcome this difficulty, we need a mechanism to send message notification to the mobile (irrespective of brand or model used ) from the E-mail client to alert the end user about the work or important mails when they are not connected to internet. In the context of E-mail client user for official purpose , this message notification helps to keep track of the work and they can be in keep touch on High priority works which increase the productivity by alerting them on the work.

    With the existing message notification to mobile uses, proxy server where mails are forwarded to proxy servers and from there it is being forwarded with the contents of the mail also. In order to avoid security breach of confidential information better mechanism is need to alert the user to inform about the received mail irrespective of contents.

    With the existing message notification to mobile does not allow to forward the message notification to multiple user if they are not in the 'To' or 'CC' List of the incoming mail. To overcome this drawback single user can enable this feature and he can add the important member in the list to receive notification to the mobile irrespective if they have not enable this message notification mechanism in their mail client.

    With the existing message notification to mobile uses the already defined filters or parameters such as 'From'(email id),'To'(email id),'Subject(mail subject)','Has words(Body content) and 'Does not have' (Body content) but apart from this it does not allow the user to defined their own criteria. According to the business impact end user will feel to devise their own filters to filter and receive message notification to mobile.

For example.

     In general E-mail client has different categories such as 'High Importance' ,'Calendar' and 'Normal' and etc . Any incoming mails will falls into any one of the category. When end user want to receive notification from any one of the categories, Selecting the category will make the end user to receive notification for mails falls into the selected category.

    With the existing message notification to mobile message notification will sent to single mobile number but it does not have mechanism to sent to multiple number based on the filter provided. Better mechanism is needed to send message n...