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Change history comparison report Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225406D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-14
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Disclosed is a report which compares two separate flows of a change history. It is a combination of a typical change history report (comparing new values against old ones) and a comparison report (showing differences between two or more sets of attributes).

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Change history comparison report

Imagine there are two twin software/hardware environments (e.g. a primary one and its backup). All configuration changes should be corresponding for both environments and done within the same time slots. An administrator needs a tool which can help manage these changes.

There are applications which provide change history reports for configuration items and comparison reports of the current state of two (or more) components. However with these tools it is really difficult to verify if all changes to the twin environments were actually done in parallel. It requires studying at least 3 report instances (current state comparison and change history for both environments) and tediously finding matching and not matching elements across them.

A report that combines change history and comparison could aid administrators in the described situation. It would compare two (or more) change history flows and find matches - i.e. changes which happened within the same time slot in different flows. Changes without a correlative would be flagged for the administrator (these are situations potentially worth investigating). The size of the time slot would be an input parameter for the report.

The figure below shows a sample Change history comparison report .


Start time 2012-07-12

          10:00 End time 2012-08-12

          10:00 Time slot

1 hour

Component A

Component B


Time stamp Old value

New value

Time stamp Old value

New value