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Intelligent Personalized TV Remote Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225572D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-19
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This article describes an intelligent personalized TV Remote Control that can be used with any TV in the market, that : - takes into account who is currently watching TV through authentication, - dynamically displays the list of most watched TV channels: based on a personalized fine-grained analysis of watched TV channels, taking into account time of the day and day of the week and by adapting the physical rendering of the keys of the remote control - sends the appropriate sequence of key signals corresponding to the rendering of key

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Intelligent Personalized TV Remote Control

This disclosure relates to the field of Media Entertainment and TV. Satellite TV packages, ADSL TV packages are increasing their business offering by providing and delivering hundreds of TV channels. Though it is more and more complex for an end-user to use the traditional TV remote control (one number associated to one key) to enter and to select his favorite channels to watch them. For instance, an end-user that is used to watching ChannelZ registered on the number 421 of his TV package, will have to sequentially type the key '4', followed by the key '2' and followed by the key '1' whereas it is his favorite channel, mostly watched by himself. The TV Remote Control does not include any intelligent component to interpret and to analyze the end-user's preferences in terms of which channel is most of the time watched, depending on the time of the day. The TV Remote Control is shared with all persons watching TV and is not personalized.

    The Intelligent personalized TV Remote Control includes the following components:

Authentication component: this component retrieves the identity of the person using the TV Remote Control through an authentication mechanism that is outside the scope of the publication. For instance it could be a digital finger print authentication (quite suitable solution for TV remote control).

Intelligent analytics component: this component continuously analyzes:
who is watching TV (via the authentication component),


which TV channel is currently watched and for how long,


at what time of the day and day of the week the channel is being watched...