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Method and System for Detecting Air Flow Direction in Top-Of-Rack (TOR) Fan Modules Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225584D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-19
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A method and system for detecting air flow direction of fan modules in Top-Of-Rack (TOR) products is disclosed.

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Method and System for Detecting Air Flow Direction in Top -Of-Rack (TOR) Fan Modules

Generally, Top-Of-Rack (TOR) products include air flow detection mechanisms when they support multiple airflow directions (be it front to back or back to front). Disclosed is redundant method for detecting air flow direction in TOR products at no additional cost.

In an exemplary embodiment, the TOR product includes one or more temperature sensors at the top and bottom to indicate air inlet and outlet temperatures, as shown in figure. In case an existing air flow mechanism fails, the method uses readings from the one or more temperature sensors to verify the direction of the air flow. The difference in sensed temperatures indicate the airflow direct and indicates whether the fan modules inserted are front to back air flow or back to front air flow. Air flows in the direction of the cooler air to the warmer air since module circuitry heats the air as it passes through the system.


Thus, the method and system provides an efficient way of detecting the air flow direction in the TOR product with no additional cost. Also, the method and system also reduces repair costs by making the system reliable.