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Supplemental Heating/Cooling Device for PCBA Rework

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225624D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-21
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Component to component spacing on a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) may make component rework by traditional methods extremely difficult or impossible. Disclosed is a device that enables defect-free component rework in many cases where the rework is otherwise not possible.

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Supplemental Heating/Cooling Device for PCBA Rework

The primary purpose of this invention is to supply supplemental cooling of the closest components/connectors to those being reworked on a PCBA, protecting the solder joints from unintended partial reflow or the component body from being overheated. An alternate use of this invention is to provide supplemental heat to the corners and/or edges of large components during rework in cases where the rework equipment and tools do not allow for sufficient heat for rework.

- Chamber to enclose near-neighbor components/connectors for the purpose of cooling the enclosed area during rework or to provide supplement heat to corners/edges of a large component to be reworked. The shape of the chamber varies with the placement of specific components/connectors.

- Variable control for air flow into the chamber to regulate the temperature in the chamber, preventing temperature shock to components and/or the PCB

- Cold or hot air source
- Works with various customizable air chambers based on placement of

- Conduit to move air into the chamber through one or more openings in the

chamber. Small openings in strategic locations to allow air to escape from the chambers.

- Separate device from the rework equipment/nozzle

Figure 1: Extremely tight proximity of DIMM connector to BGA, and the damage to the connector resulting from BGA rework using traditional methods.

Tight BGA to DIMM connector spacing. Result of BGA rework attem...