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Print function with embedded search and neighbourhood Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225701D
Publication Date: 2013-Feb-27
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Print Function with Embedded Search and Neighborhood aims to reduce paper, ink and toner utilization of printing devices when it is necessary to print long documents and the reader is only interested to a subset of them.

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Print function with embedded search and neighbourhood

    Print Function with Embedded Search and Neighborhood is a software function/module that can be added to digital printing applications to let the reader print only the information of a document he is interested to, saving paper and toner and also letting him focus on the some relevant text.

    The main idea is to let the user choose some "keywords" of a document and print a neighborhood of them. Only the paragraphs, sections, or phrases that include the chosen keywords will be printed on the device. The neighborhood will be customizable, letting the user include in the printed document as many text as he wants (Fig. 1).

Figure 1: using keywords to print a subset of a document

At the moment there is not a complete solution to let the user print a subset of a document according to a set of chosen keywords, so in the daily work many paper containing unread text is wasted, or, at the opposite side, many parts of documents are not read because users doesn't want to waste time searching them.

If readers wants to print a subset of a document they have to do it by hand, using copy and paste, with potential errors and loss of information they want to read. Usually, guides or manuals have an index with all chapters and arguments but, many times, the same topic is covered in multiple chapters or sections of the guide. In these cases the user searches into the document all of the occurrences of the desired keyword and reads some rows to understand if the section of the guide is important or not for him. At the end he decides to print all the documents or not to print it at all.

Also if an internet reader wants to print only a part of a web page found in internet using search engines, he has to print all the page. Search engines work with keywords, showing only web pages that include a specific word, but at the moment there is not a function to print the relevant part of that web pages. So, the keyword search approach used on internet is limited to document retrieval but not for document printing. When a user will choose a specific web page he will have no "embedded" functionality to print the subset of the page he is interested to.


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A new greener and smarter approach is to print only the occurrences of the interested keywords with a custom neighborhood instead of printing the entire document.

This function would help users focusing on the relevant sections of the documents without wasting time reading all the documents or...