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Police tagging system for traffic control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226345D
Publication Date: 2013-Mar-28
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Disclosed is an electronic tagging system for use by law enforcement to safely notify drivers when the vehicle must be stopped for a potential traffic violation.

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Police tagging system for traffic control

The current system of a police officer using a siren and flashing lights to attract a driver's attention and pull them over is distracting and potentially dangerous for not only the driver in violation, but also other drivers in the area. Additional danger is

created if the driver engages the officer in a chase. The invention aims to solve this issue by allowing an officer to "tag" a car that needs to be stopped.

When an officer sees a vehicle that needs to be stopped (e.g., for speeding or reckless driving), the officer can tag the car by either pointing a radar gun at the car or logging the license plate number of the car. The system then notifies the driver of the vehicle that an officer is stopping the vehicle, and the driver has a certain amount of time to pull over. The officer then drives over to the car, avoiding the potential for a dangerous chase.

Once a car is tagged, it has an enforced speed limit. This can be integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS) data to determine the current speed limit on the road. Using existing technology, once a car is tagged by an officer, the system does not allow the driver to exceed a certain speed (e.g., 65 mph).

The steps for implementing the invention in a preferred embodiment follow :

1. Officer is waiting by the side of the road and identifies a car that is speeding

2. The officer "tags" this car via a radar device or by entering the license plate number in the system...