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Automated Locking of a workstation when disconnected from mains power Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226628D
Publication Date: 2013-Apr-19
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This article describes a system for the automated locking of workstations when disconnected from their power source. This a way of protecting both the data accessible from the workstations as well as the workstations themselves from theft.

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Automated Locking of a workstation when disconnected from mains power

Disclosed is a system that enhances the security associated with a workstation. Should an attempt be made to move a workstation connected to mains power, there is a limited range over which it can be moved before the power cable must be disconnected. Any attempt to make unauthorised access to the workstation here is likely to be noticed. If the laptop is removed from the power it can be moved anywhere and is now at a much greater risk of having its content compromised. If the workstation is in a locked state when removed from power it is much safer. This disclosure addresses what could happen if the workstation was left in an unlocked state when removed from power. The system recognises that it is in an unlocked state and that it has been disconnected from mains power to trigger an action, such as logging off or switching user, to ensure that if the workstation is used after this point authentication would be required. This would be activated in the same way as battery control measures (such as backlight dimming) are currently activated.