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In chat window, progress indicator showing the amount of text input. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226629D
Original Publication Date: 2013-Apr-19
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Chat responses do not indicate the quantity of information being entered or how recent the last input was made.

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In hat window, progress indicator showing the amount of text input

When using chat there are indications showing status of when responses are being formulated. Many graphical representations exist showing the other chat person is responding but if the person walks away, there is no metered indication that the person is still actively typing. Alternatively, the person may type one or two characters and stop, which leads the recipient to think that the sender is typing a huge response.

A graphical representation showing volume of data being typed. As the chat sender slows or increases hi input, the graphical indicator will be displayed as increasing or decreasing. If the chat sender walks away or stops typing, the receiving chat person will now see this and be able to act appropriately.

Graphical representation could also be a color that goes "stale" as the other users text sits without being modified. For example, a color representation: Green=ActivelyTyping Yellow=KindaStale Red=ReallyStale.

This could be useful if the user is not actively watching the "bar" or whatever graphical representation is used.