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A Phone-Based Social Gaming Platform for Employability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226863D
Publication Date: 2013-Apr-23
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This features addresses the challenge of matching candidates to jobs within a job market by defining the matching process as a game. Players are awared points for either recommending candidates to jobs, or by referring job openings to other players in the system.

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A Phone-Based Social Gaming Platform for Employability


This features addresses the problem of providing job matches to candidates within a labor market by increasing the probability that such a candidate finds an appropriate match. The problem is especially prevalent in the rural and unorganized sector where candidates' level of education is low and their access to information is limited. One method of overcoming these challenges is through mobile phones: the availability of mobile phones is high, and, when using the voice interface, information can be presented in local languages. However, supply/demand matching using voice is difficult; and even when voice recognition works, the general problem of stable matching is not an exact science. This invention addresses this challenge by the mobile voice interface with human intervention.

Job matches are treated as a game in which participants hear about job openings, then either suggest an appropriate candidate for the job, or pass on information about the opening to someone who may know an appropriate candidate. There is an incentive scheme for playing the game, and for playing well. Employers call the system and describe the job opening that they have. They also specify the number of units they are willing to "spend" to find a candidate. Likewise, a candidate can call into the system and leave information about themselves -- a sort of voice resume. Players then call into the system and hear about job openings. Based on the description, they search existing candidate resumes for appropriate people to refer this job to. If they are unable to find anyone appropriate, they have the option to refer the

job to another player within the system. This player in turn does the same: either find an existing candidate or refer the job on.

Once a candidate has been identified, that candidate is able apply for the job. The system informs the employer that there has been an application, at which point the employer contacts the candidate for an evaluation. All of these interactions, both from the candidate and the employer, take place using a mobile phone and entirely with a voice interface. Players of the game are then rewarded based on their influence over the candidate being selected. The percentage of this reward is based on a predetermined incentive model, and payment comes from a portion of the units deposited initially by the employer.


Employer posts job opening and incentive for matching Players learn of job openings through phone messages Players evaluate candidates for those matching the criteria of the opening Where "candidates" can include those known to a player throu...