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Method for targeted notification using global position system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226902D
Publication Date: 2013-Apr-23
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This article discusses a system and method for creating and receiving targeted notification messages. This is accomplished by allowing the user of a device to op into receiving notification based on their geospatial location. Additionally, users may mark a geospatial location using their device. The marked location results in others receiving notification when they are within a circular radius of the marked location.

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Method for targeted notification using global position system

Discussed is a system and method for creating and receiving targeted notifications. A description of the invention is described using an embodiment which expresses the main components of the invention.

In an advertising scenario, a business owner would like to attract customers to her location. Using this invention the owner has the ability to "tag" a physical location. A "tag" can be thought of as a geospatial location with a Latitude and Longitude value.

Identifying the location is done by a device such as a phone which can record GPS information of the user holding the device. A radius can be specified that identifies how far out from the center the GPS location should extended. In the advertising scenario above, the business owner may choose to extend the GPS coordinates 100 meters from the front of her storefront. The GPS coordinates, radius, and other descriptive information is transmitted and stored on a server. The server is accessible by a network.

Another user who has a device capable of receiving GPS coordinates and who has opted to receive notifications from the business owner will receive an advertising notification when they walk within the circle radius outlined by the business owner when she recorded the Latitude and Longitude. The notification may consist of coupon special or other advertising enticement to attract the customer to her store.

At the end of the day, the business owner c...