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Generating Retrospective Visualizations on Real Time Streaming Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226915D
Publication Date: 2013-Apr-24
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Technique for capture and retrieval of instantaneous state of Visualizations on Real Time Streaming Data

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Generating Retrospective Visualizations on Real Time Streaming Data

Disclosed is a technique to capture the Instantaneous State of Real Time Visualization and/or collection of Visualizations on the Dashboards and also to provide capabilities to retrieve the captured Real-Time Visualizations and/or Collection of Visualization at any given instant in future, then depicting accurately and precisely the captured state of the Visualization.

In Real Time Monitoring/Analytics Systems data takes the form of continuous data streams rather than finite stored data sets, and it requires long-running continuous queries as opposed to one-time queries in traditional data processing systems. Stream Processing technologies detects events or patterns of events as data streams and captures changes to systems (as events) as and when they occur to deliver real time insights.

Stream Queries process Data "on the fly" and of a finite time window and they are not a persistent data storage mechanism. The state of the data is not maintained by the Streams and it is not designed for adhoc querying.

Given that the data is processed in real time the Visualization and collection of Visualizations on a Dashboards in a Real Time Analytics and Monitoring Systems are continuously changing states. This helps the users to Continuously monitor real time performance, view changes to the key Metrics instantaneously and facilitate instant decision making. However since Real Time visualizations are continuously changing, ability to capture instantaneous state of visualizations will be extremely useful to provide retrospective insights and intelligence for Analysis and Decision Making. Provision of these capabilities to real time systems forms the features.

Further embodiments include mechanism of configuring schedules into the system to enable automated capture of a Visualization and/or collection of Visualizations. A multi-tasking mechanism will ensure that multiple sets of Visualizations can be captured simultaneously based on the configuration of the Schedules. The schedules for automated capture will have a fine grained granularity to capture visualizations within a span of seconds increasing upto minutes, days, weeks and so forth.

Still another embodiment includes providing a Capability to Export the captured visualization and/or collections of Visualizations from a system and also to Import the captured visualizations and/or collections of Visualizations to a real time analytics system for display alongside the current Real-Time Visualization(s). This will also enable sharing of Visualizations across multiple systems. Exported Visualizations will be stored


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on a file system, so they can also be shared via conventional methods like file sharing, emails etc.

Yet another embodiment includes the mechanism to embed, during the capture, Date:Time to its lowest Granularity, the metadata for describing the State of the Visualization and/or collection of Visua...