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Graphical information display in social networking site Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226919D
Publication Date: 2013-Apr-24
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A program is disclosed by which historical information about any person will be displayed in a graphical format in a social networking site. The category of different information will be displayed in different tabs. Upon selecting one or more tab, appropriate information will be plotted in a graphical format. User can provide different sharing right in different tabs, accordingly different friends of the user can view different tabs in graphical interface. We can also add ability for a viewer to create a new "tab" for category of information even if content owner did not create the same tab. For instance in the example, there was no tab for automobiles created by owner, but viewer may want to see information sorted that way. So viewer can create a tab and then the content of owner will be populated for that tab (just for the viewer's private use).

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Graphical information display in social networking site

Social networking site captures different information about a person. For example, travel related information, adding new friends, health information etc. These different types of information can be displayed in a graphical format. It will help us to understand a lot about a person.

Following diagram (Figure 1) describes how different information about a person can be displayed in a graphical format. In this case there will be different category of information. Each category will be displayed in each tab. Upon selecting any tab, historical information about the tab will be displayed. In this case user has selected "Added New Friend" tab, so year wise friend list is displayed to the user in a graphical format. Now, upon selecting any number user can view the detail list. In this case drilldown also.

Figure 1

Following are the implementation steps .

1. Invention will gather different content from the user. In this case content mean uploaded photographs, comments.

2. Invention will extract the metadata on the uploaded files and posting date of any comments etc.

3. Based on ontology or user defined tags, invention will identify different categories.

4. Inventions will classify the information based on identified categories.

5. User will be notified about the category if the category is created automatically. In this case user will be asked for sharing rule (Permission to view by other user)

6. The numeric data...