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Method and system for automation field playback by video with subtitles Disclosure Number: IPCOM000226956D
Publication Date: 2013-Apr-26
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This innovation resolved a major probem during GUI automation testing -- log synchronization with realtime scene playback. The key technoledge is to create "subtitle" logs and to bind them with screen record video during automation execution. By applying this method, software engineers can review the details of automation easily. They do not need to searching information from differenct media(e.g. log, screenshot), a video with subtile logs is enough. It also provides ability to catch more details during automation execution without rerunning test cases.

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Method and system for automation field playback by video with subtitles


GUI automation testing system.

Current status and pain points:

Automation system is usually running for a long time then leave plain text log and some screenshot pictures as result.

1. For some failed test cases, these information is not enough. Sometimes, the screen shot is not just on time or some key information is missing from log. Automation tester need to re-run test case and make a full monitoring to understand what is happened during execution.

2. As automation tester, during rerunning or debugging, for some "quick passing" scene, especially the unexpected things(such as a flash then disappeared UI), it is hardly to capture or playback with automation system, to tracking them, usually, we need to put finger on the"PrtSc" key and run the case again and again.

3. As automation tester, it is hardly to "just review a short scenario in a large time consuming test case" repeatedly and carefully.

4. During auto result analysis, facing the log, it is difficult to know what is the status on the screen in that time. And facing a screenshot, it is hardly to know

what is the back-end system doing.


A system to consolidate all information(live scenes, key information) and easy to share and manage.

To know what was happened when the cases running and what is the log print in real time is very helpful. So "playback by video with subtitles" idea is bring up.


The method is to create a video by screen recorder during an automation test case execution, and a type of log as subtitles format(like a normal movie) is created and attached to the video. So, engineers are able to playback it by any common movie player to analysis/tracking/share the realtime scenario.


1. With this system, engineers can know what happened on the screen during test cases running and the key information(log) in the same time. Automati...