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System and method for assisting passengers during disembarking an aircraft

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Publication Date: 2013-May-02
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The present invention relates to an aircraft system for assisting passengers while disembarking aircraft

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System and method for assisting passengers during disembarking an aircraft

It has been found that once the aircraft lands at a particular airport and is taxied at a particular gate, passengers on-board an aircraft get up and start removing their cabin luggage and move randomly without giving considerations to passengers in urgency such as connecting flight, medical emergencies etc.,. This random movement of passengers creates several problems such as delay in boarding connecting flights, late medical attention etc, for passengers in urgency. Also, generally, passengers having connecting flight information are not aware of connecting flight details such as departure gate, time of departure if the flight is delayed etc, until they arrive at a flight terminal. It has also been noticed that the passengers who have language problems face difficulty in communicating with crew in case of any services required or in emergency. Current disembarking methods as found do not employ smooth disembarking of passengers from an aircraft. This creates uneasy and uncomfortable situations for most passengers on board. No zone-wise or no priority wise embarking procedures are currently deployed on an aircraft.

The present idea describes a system and method to guide passengers for disembarking the aircraft without hassle. This idea also enables passengers to select appropriate services to inform crew in case of urgency relating to connecting flights, medical attention and other related situations. The idea also caters for zone-wise or other suitable disembarking process to make hassle-free disembark once the passengers on priority disembark an aircraft.

Primarily this idea tries to streamline the disembarking process in case of urgency as well as usual situations hence it tries to eliminate issues as discussed in the problem statements.

The method involves communication between an aircraft and the airport server, which contains arriving passengers connecting flight details. Also, the method uses data or services requested by on-board passengers and generate a priority list of passengers. The passengers on the list shall be given priority to disembark once passenger's requests/ services are verified by the on-board crew such as Air hostess etc. The priority list generated by the device and/or modifiable by the crew on-board is generated taking into consideration several factors such as passenger actual time of connecting flight departure, communication with the passenger about the real urgency etc,

The method depicts the lock and unlock mechanism of the cabin luggage doors. The Lock/ Unlock mechanism works once the priority list is generated and the aircraft is in the vicinity of the airport. The lock mechanism enables locking all cabin luggage doors of passengers who are not on the priority list and the unlocking mechanism unlocks the cabin luggage doors of all priority passengers. Before lock/ unlock mechanism is activated all on-board passengers are...