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Generation of location based Instant ads for Groups. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227451D
Publication Date: 2013-May-08
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Disclosed here is a concept for rolling out instant ads targetting Groups. In the era of mobile devices instant ads is an innovative and effective way to reach customers. In the existing references 1 and reference 2, the instant ads is generated only for individual customers. In the concept proposed here, value is added by extending the concept to groups rather than individual customers. The brief of the concept is discussed as follows- - Core principle is to use image processing technologies to capture customer faces in locations like malls, public places etc. - Group Identification: Images captured from the cameras can be processed using techniques like Computer Vision and Analytics. Once the images are processed, the profiles from social media like facebook can be analyzed to identify "Friends" Circle in the captured images. If it turns out that the group of customers are friends on social media then instant ads can be rolled out based on the profiles. Many of the existing Facial recognition technologies can be employed to determine groups of friends using Computer Vision. Once the images are processed Analytics can be used to generate most favourable ad for the group based on the social media profiles. The advantage of the proposed concept compared to references 1 and 2 is - - Certain organizations may specifically want to target "Groups" rather than individual. For example, restaurants in malls would like to roll out instant ads to groups of Customers than individual customers. For Restaurant like Business, Groups of customers bring more revenue than individual customers. On similiar lines many other organizations would like to target groups than individual. References: 1) 2)

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Generation of location based Instant ads for Groups .

In the era of mobiles, location based instant ads is one of the innovative ways to reach the end customers. In the location based ads, either the gps data or the twitter feeds or the images from cameras is analyzed to derive the targeted user location and profile. Based on the profile, instant ad is delivered.

Approach: In addition to the existing solutions(described below) for generating instant ads, an approach to generate instant ads targeting Groups of Friends is proposed in this disclosure .

Value Addition

In this disclosure, i propose a technique to generate location based instant ads targeting Groups of Friends using Computer vision and analytics. This disclosure extends the idea to target groups of end users.

Brief of the concept:

     - The core concept of the disclosure is to use the images from cameras installed in locations like mall to identify Groups of friends.

     - Groups Identification: Images from cameras can be analyzed using computer vision based software. Once a group is identified using facial recognition technologies, the profiles from social media

          like facebook can be matched with the identified groups. If the identified groups turns out to be friends in the social media, then instant ads can be rolled out based on the profiles.

- Can be advantageous for specific Organizations who want to target ads for groups. Like Restaurants in malls would like to target groups of people than individuals. F...