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Publication Date: 2013-May-08
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Hydraulic fracturing requires large volumes of water to fill deep and long wells and is often performed in cold climates during winter. CERTEK has efficient and less costly solutions for the heating problem. We rely upon hydronic heat of glycol at atmospheric pressure and a circulating pump to raise and maintain water supplies and wellheads at temperatures above freezing. We provide smaller hydronic heat machines that remain on site and distribute their heat through one or more appliances including Hot Pods, Hot Oranges, Pipe-in-Pipe devices and variable bypass pipeline heaters. Heated fluid is supplied to steam coils inside round or rectangular tanks. Fluid is also provided to Hotpods located in ponds or C-ring tanks. To keep wellheads warm, heated fluid is supplied to Hot Oranges which have heat exchangers for heating ambient air with heated fluid. Variable heat exchangers and hose-in-pipe equipment and connectors keep the fluid flowing without freezing.

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