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Social network based products record and recommendation system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227654D
Publication Date: 2013-May-10
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Customers often have to print receipts when shopping. If a two-dimensional code containing product information is contained is the code, then customers can easily obtain the digital items of goods by canning the code using cell phones. The social network tools installed on the phone can upload the goods information automatically to internet. Social network provider will then analyze purchase behavior and recommend relevant products to related people as advertisement with great business opportunities.

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Social network based products record and recommendation system

Based on the theory of IOT, this method and system leverages the existing big data in social network with consumer purchasing information to generate relevant recommendations.

Nowadays, customer in supermarkets and shopping malls, etc. tends to feel confused facing a large variety of brands and categories of different products. Prior arts of how to attract potential customers can be seen in two ways.

1. Analyze popular commodities based on purchasing history. This approach includes consumer relationship management, in which purchasing preference can be generated through data mining of consumer profile or transaction history.

2. Optimize products allocation on the shelves based on tracking customer buying path, so partial products are more likely to be seen.

Taking some popular technologies into consideration, this method applies IOT, SNS and data mining to give a structure of recommendation.

Main idea can be seen in the below chart. It consists of four steps.


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Step1: Read data of purchasing items through two-dimensional code.

Using the existing two-dimensional code generator, information of purchasing items can be created.

When checking out, the generated two-dimensional code is printed on the receipts containing purchasing detailed information.

User scans the two-dimensional code by cellphone, then purchased products information are displayed on the phone.

Step2: Select the item for br...