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An innovative way for document and work item management in agile development process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227667D
Publication Date: 2013-May-10
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Disclosured is a method and system to integrate workitem based tools with wiki, to automatically generate wiki document based on workitem descriptions and update workitem based on wiki updates. Thus, help to relieve the document maintenance effort, improve the document quality and help team member of different role (e.g. developers and designers) to communicate more efficiently.

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An innovative way for document and work item management in agile development process

Following are some problems that we met in our daily development work:

1. It is difficult to maintain the exactness of development document.

2. It is difficult to maintain the relationship between development work items.

3. Different people tends to use different tool. Developer prefer workitem based tools. Designer prefer wiki. This cause some problem on communication and is error prone.

Here, we propose a method, by integrating workitem based tools and WIKI together in some innovative ways, leveraging the strength of these two tools properly, to reinforce complementary advantages and improve the usage of both tools.

1. We usually maintain our document in wiki. Developer environment (work items) contains all the up-to-date information. If we could generate wiki document automatically from workitem based development tools, there will be no need to worry about the problem of keeping document up-to-date.

2. Development tracking environment usually contains too many things. Epics, stories, tasks, defects, some contains useful design/decision related information, others (most) are just task track purpose. Information spread in different work items, old and newest information mixing together - this cause it often difficult to locate a wanted work item, when maintaining work item relationship. The content in a document wiki is much more clear - it usually contains only those up-to-date information and is better organized by topic. If able to map work item from wiki content, it should be possible to use wiki as an intermedium to locate the work items that get impacted. Thus help to simplify the work item relationship maintenance.

3. If we could integrate workitem based tools and WIKI together properly:

- Transform work item into WIKI and WIKI updates back to work item transparently and automatically

- Mapping work item actions/comments with WIKI comments properly

It will not be a problem for different people to work on different tools concurrently.

Here is the detail:

PART 1 - Generate Project's Document (Wiki) from Work Item



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1. Scan workitem system, find out all the related work items, based on user defined criteria

2. Organize these work items into a "tree" structure, based on their parent-child relationship

3. Scan work item list again:

3.1 Associate remaining work items onto the "tree", based on other kinds of work item links, such as @override

3.2 Reorganize some work items, (reassociate them), based on other kinds of work item links, such as @override

4. Generate project document (wiki) based on these workitems in order, from root to leaf.

4.1 Generate wiki structure based on:

4.1.1 Work items' parent-child relationship

4.1.2 Other work item meta data, such as tag (according to user pre-defined preference)

4.2 Fill in the content of each wiki page, by collecting content from each of the related work items, and aggregate the...