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System and method for fast positioning server in data center Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227670D
Publication Date: 2013-May-10
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In large data centers with many servers, trying to locate a server is a challenge task. What we proposed here is a solution that will greatly improve the situation. The ley idea of the solution is to have a light beam projector that can be controlled by server's service processor when there's a system error that requires operator handling or when the data center management applications enable it. The light beam projector is a pop out design with a laser diode that can be attached to the front or back panel of a server. When it is enabled, a special rotating polygon mirror reflects the laser beam and thus projects multiple visually noticeable light tracks on the ceiling and nearby racks of the data center. The multi beam design is to deal with possible occlusions around the servers. Thus the operator can easily spot the location of the server projecting the light beams.

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System and method for fast positioning server in data center

Data Centers are an essential element in the IT infrastructure of large organizations; it can store different components and optimize the space utilization, so plays more and more important role during the production process. Currently, most of the data centers have large scale; a data center usually operates large numbers of servers, computers and other equipment. There are so many servers in a data center, and these servers are plugged into many different racks

which distribute at different positions of the data center. Facing such large scale, when the administrator steps into the data center and wants to figure out the

servers which he/she wants to find directly, it will be very difficult and time consumed. So this invention solves such problem that when the administrator wants to do some operation for the target server in the data center, our system and method could help the administrator to position the server in data center very quickly and accurately.

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In order to solve this problem, several well-known methods have been designed and implemented in the practice.

#1. One of the typical methods usually includes a system management console program and a plurality of signal emitting elements within the rack, such as flashed LED.

Before the administrator wants to step into the data center to find some server accurately and quickly, they need to send orders to make the LED flashed in the management console, then they walk into the data center to find the server by light emitted from the flashed LED.

#2. Another similar method also comprises providing a system management console program, another key part is an acoustic element located in the server or rack, and the acoustic element could emit some sound that could be identified easily, such as beep. The administrator also needs to send some order to make the acoustic element emit sound, then he/she walks into the data center to track the server location via the sound source.

#3.Tracking the physical location of a server in a data centerUS Patent 20090024764

The method or system of tracking the physical location of a server in a data center has a management module, a plurality of cabinet slots, each cabinet slot having a connector, and a presense-detection network. The presense-detection network comprises one-wire links among the cabinet slots and the

management module, the one-wire links coupled between the connectors in the cabinet slots and the management module and multiplexed into the

management module according to multiplexer address codes, each one-wire link associated with a separate multiplexer address code, each multiplexer address code associated with a separate physical location in the data center. The method detects multiplexer address code through a one-wire link

between a connector in cabinet slot and the management module, and then determines the physical location of server. The method ne...