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A method to Support Competence based Learning Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227673D
Publication Date: 2013-May-10
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This disclosure is proposing a method to support competence based learning so as to better align industrial requirements with student learning. The method claimed will help generate career profile templates by organizations and analyze student groups to make recommendations for proper employment.

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A method to Support Competence based Learning


The future young IT engineers need to know more vertical IT technologies, and more project-based, practical application and systems. Only focusing on theoretical knowledge is not good enough for vertical industry domain skills requirement.

IT companies often have to do a lot deeper technology training investment for the students, so that they can be deployed on customer projects soon. It costs a lot due to lower utilization of new young IT engineers after they graduate from the university.

Therefore, the claim is made to deal with these challenges: a method to come up with a competence-based learning plan for the students who have similar traits.

1. Generating professional career profile template from enterprise static and dynamic data sources

1) Analyzing enterprise employees statics data from HR system and dynamic experience data from dairy business activity repository

2) Summarizing key attributes for different professional career

2. Extracting features of student cluster from kinds of learning data which include:

1) learning activities including courses, classroom behavior etc. captured by LMS and e-learning system

2) longitudinal data of the student and performance in the past

3) Social activities data from student's social network, social media.

3. Recommend industry specific training material and open courseware to student cluster

The embodiment is depicted as below.


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