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A method and apparatus of transmiting sensitive data safely Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227684D
Publication Date: 2013-May-13
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Disclosed is a method for transmiting sensitive data safely by sending data within voice frequency band in telephony . This ensure sensitive information no caught by third party when in public area and without speak it loudly.

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A method and apparatus of transmiting sensitive data safely

Under certain circumstances especially in public sphere people have to expose Personal Sensitive Information[1](phone number, email address, password .etc) in public, for example: bank call in, people have to repeat sensitive data to verify identity .Information security or loss of information assets may have serious consequences. When you talk PSI use phone in public, bad guys may use exposed information to commit a crime. Common solution is data encryption, and send through email or text message or sharing in cloud.

The disadvantage is that it depend on internet services and have no timing efficiency, can not delivery this kind of message in real time. also in the real world that are obviously problematic for most people, and not suitable for situations mentioned previously.

The core idea of this invention is to digitize and modulate PSI data to voice band(300 ~ 3400 Hz )[2], then transmit to the receiver.

A simple communication layer was introduced to ensure the transmission is safe. With this method people no need to speak loudly in public, the biggest advantage is the exchange of PSI data happened in real time, not depend on internet or third party environment.

Figure 1 illustrates the actual working flow of this method .


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Figure 1

Accordingly,There is an application running on the caller and callee's phone, When caller ask for PSI, callee can select the information according to calle...