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A smart patch detecting and advising method in cloud Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227698D
Publication Date: 2013-May-13
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Cloud makes a great impact on the infrastructure in datacenter. The security, availability and stability is raised. One of the big issue is how to detect and resolve the patch problem. This disclosure promotes an idea to resolve the patch problem automatically.

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A smart patch detecting and advising method in cloud

Cloud is accepted by client. How to maintain the fix of the huge nodes in a cloud is becoming complex and difficulty. It's necessary to find a method to check and advise the fix for specified node automatically. A smart self-serviced idea is to generate a master node to scan and analyze each node in the cloud, compare with latest information knowledge, and advise how to do the next, or apply for the next action automatically.

Usually, customer finds that system runs abnormal, and then seeks help from system vendor, whatever via emails, phone calls or onsite support. The most common action from system vendor side is to search fix db, and suggests to install fix.

Generally we will check OS and application, such as edition, Technology Level and Service Pack. This is called "health checking". The steps when health checking is like this:

Login to the OS we need to check.


Run some commands or shell scripts manually to check patch and release level


Record the checking result and verify whether some important patches are missing.


All the steps are executed manually and can't do a full patch evaluation for lack of enough and latestpatch information. Especially, in a cloud environment, a self-service is a good way. That's why, we introduced the smart defect detecting and advising method in cloud.

Make full use of SSH/Telnet service, and run automatically health check(patch level, security level) and verify the checking result with vendor's product patch/release information. All these works can be done without need any agents installed on OS previously.

Our claim features:
Automatically execute patch checking jobs by servant. No need to login the OS and then run command or shells manually.


No need to install agent on the various...