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A method and system for effective meeting room availability management using WIFI location

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227717D
Publication Date: 2013-May-13
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This disclosure addresses the problem of effective meeting room management by checking the availability of the meeting romm, which is realized via wifi message derived location information. Specifically, the meeting participants' location are monitored thru the wifi location technology which infer people's location by analyzing the wifi signal from the laptop. As such, the proposed method and system can effectively monitor the availability of the meeting room, in turn to reduce wasting of meeting room resources.

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A method and system for effective meeting room availability management using WIFI location

Meeting room is an important resource, especially in big company, and how to manage and make best use of it is very useful and important.

Current meeting room reservation system exists the following situations: (1) some colleague reserved one meeting room some days ago, but can not use it in that time by some special reasons (such as get sick), such as canceling that meeting, while the

booked room can not be used by others; (2) Reservation time is much longer than that real required time, for example, only need 30 minutes but reserved it for 1 hour.

When take part in a meeting, everyone always will take its laptop or mobile device

with WIFI access, which can be used to locate its location and judge whether there are

people in that reserved meeting room.

Some urgent meeting is unexpected, and do not schedule it in advance. While current meeting room system can not release those booked meeting rooms with no people

there, it is a waste of resource. That also make organizer has to postpone this planed meeting and reduce efficiency.

The customer wants to book the meeting room at some following specific time

without specific room or specific room without specific time, but currently meeting rooms are all be reserved . When the time is up or the room is empty, the system will check if there is meeting room available for him, the


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system will send a notification to him and help to reserve this meeting room.

Some customers always forget to power off light, a...