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A system and method of temporary ID card management with mobile based two-dimensional code

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Publication Date: 2013-May-20
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This system and method provides an authorization mechanism among the three participants, i.e.the requester, visitor, and service staff. The techinical method and point are based on the popular mobile device that with two-dimensional code application. And in the smart building management side, it facilates the multiple channels for the requester, and resolves the code information to validation when the visitor arrives. This system and method allows low-cost communication and authorization of the smart building safty management area.

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A system and method of temporary ID card management with mobile based two-dimensional code

The smart city are getting focused today, one of the important field is the visitor management to office building and residential building. There are more visit activity to builds, such as house maintenance, community service, and increasing e-business product delivery, etc.

We have following requirements to handle and facilitate these visit events:

1. Provide the process that can safely identify and verify the visitor based on the information from proprietor.

2. Issue the visitor with temporal effectiveness, and also permitted and limited access right under certain circumstances .

3. Flexible and quick method to manage the visiting application for building management staff, easy to use for proprietor and visitor.

4. The system should be based on technical method and support popular personal mobile devices that can deal with two dimensional code.

This system is based on mobile device and use two-dimensional code as the media containing the necessary identification information. Two-dimensional code has been proved in many fields that it is efficient for connection between real world objects and software, and facilitate quick scan and information extraction.

The proprietor should be the requester in this system that send out the request to building management system, the request contains visiting activity information, such as mobile phone number and social id number of both side, expected visiting duration, expected space, etc. The application will automatically receive and coding all necessary information into two-dimensional code for both side, and then dispatch the code for requester and the code for visitor, the visitor will use his code for verification when entering the building and get permitted access. The system provides multiple channel for requestor to collect request information including web, message, phone call, smart gate control terminal. Inside the system, the application can generate/encrypt/store the code and also have management function integrated, and having scheduler to drive the duration expiration event.

The system describes an specific application and method using two-dimensional code on mobile phone. The system includes below components.

[1] The gateway component that can collect and gather requests from multiple resource, such as web site, short message in certain tem...