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Password change manager Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227883D
Publication Date: 2013-May-24
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Mechanism to facilitate the frequent change password for more Business accounts.

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Password change manager

This idea is developed to facilitate the change password of accounts in a work environment composed by many applications which need password recycle. In a work environment there are many applications/portals, for each of them there is the need to logon by a userid / password. Policy security of applications order the user to change periodically the password. And because the change generally is boring because it must be frequently due to the high number of applications, this idea helps the customer to reduce the number of change because it performs the change automatically for all registered applications.

This idea is developed to help user which uses many accounts in his work to access to all portals or applications. The help regards in particular the change of password of accounts due to secure policy. The policy security of important portals/applications often orders for every accounts the life of password to a maximum of 60/90 days. Because in a work environment there are often a large number of applications to manage there is also the need to change password frequently. For each account the user can apply the same or different password, and even if user uses the same password for all accounts when there is the need to change it for an account there is a mismatch between them.

And because the actions to do to change password are cumbersome this idea implements a mechanism to prevent the notifying and the automatic change of password.

Practically this idea consists of a tool which registers all the ap...