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** PZ Related ** QR Code Welcome Mat

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227922D
Publication Date: 2013-May-29

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There exist different ways for a person to announce their arrival at a particular physical venue. For example, checkin, a greeting person who takes your details as you enter, etc. We propose a new, unique method that does not require any complex steps or human resources. We propose a "smart mat" placed at entrances and exits. The smart mat is able to read codes, such as QR codes, printed or encoded into the bottom of a person's shoe. On the bottom of the person's shoe is a barcode or QR code. Installed in/on the floor of the venue is a barcode/QR code reader. As the person enters/exits they place their foot on top of the reader. The scanner in the floor reads the barcode/QR code containing information about the identity of the person.