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Automated Time Zone Database Update Solution in Operating System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000227983D
Publication Date: 2013-May-30
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A software-implemented method for automatically updating time zone data and rules in real time is discussed. A daemon can periodically monitor Time Zone changes and decide if it is need to install and reconfigure Time Zone Data into the local operating system with verification feature.

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Automated Time Zone Database Update Solution in Operating System

In a computer system, the Time Zone setting (TZ) is one of the most important system variables for operating system and application management. TZ management includes time zone selection and daylight savings time (DST) control. A zoneinfo database, managed by IANA Time Zone Database, is used to contain all current Olson TZ rules. The zoneinfo data is updated many times throughout the year as new TZ rules are made by regional government requirements worldwide. A nation or region somewhere in the world may decide to change the date or time that they observe DST. It is needed to update to the zoneinfo database in each system. To frequently update TZ data is a challenging task in each system both for OS vendors and customers. It is necessary to define a new TZ management method to simplify the entire ongoing TZ management tasks.

A new method for managing time zone data and rules, in OS level, is defined in Fig.1. In Fig.1, set of new functions of TZ update availability checking and building are added to the classic TZ management tool:

A Trusted Centralized TZ Data Server (TCTZDS) with the latest TZ data and latest test cases;

An automated authentication method (such as any types of user/password, authentication biometric verification, etc…
and not limited to) for accessing TCTZDS;

A TZ System Profile (TZSP) with an admin predefined TZ update options;

A TZ Daemon (TZD) to monitor and download updated TZ data and testcases from TCTZDS;

An algorithm for TZD to monitor and detect TZ updates in TCTZDS;

A TZ Builder (TZB) to b...