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one method to transfer file without network connection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000228228D
Publication Date: 2013-Jun-13
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Nowadays, camera is used more frequently because the smart phone is prevailing. On the other hand, the camera integrated in smart phones becomes more and more strong, e.g. high resolution, faster in taking pictures. Under this situation, the disclosure proposes one method to transfer data through camera. In the method, the two hand-held devices(such as phones) can be communicated with each other to decide the resolution, the speed of taking picture etc. After that, one device will read the data of to-be-transfered files and show the data in binary mode as picture. Another device will take picture, transfer the binary data in the picture and store them as one file. With the development of camera, this solution can be one common options for hand-held devices to transfer data in high speed.

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one method to transfer file without network connection

Cameras on cell phone have become an indispensable part of the mobile device, e.g. cell phone. With more and more powerful computation capability of mobile device, the cameras originally designed for taking pictures, are being used as data input device in these mobile device, e.g. image based search (user takes one photo by camera and uploads it into search engineer for related information), scan the barcodes on products into e-business website for search product information, e.g. price. Camera allows users to click and transfer data instead of typing.With development of mobile device, camera will take more and more roles in the future application.

On the other hand, the data transfer between two consumer electronic devices is still not so convenient. Today, there are a lot of methods for user to transfer data between two electronic devices (e.g. one laptop and one mobile phone, or two mobile phones). The transfer methods could be classified into two categories: cable-based (e.g. through usb cable, through network cable) or non-cable-based(e.g. through GPRS of cell phone, through bluetooth). Among non-cable-based data transfer solutions, GPRS will charge some money for data transfer; Bluetooth takes open frequency to transfer data and thus the data transfer might be interfered by cell phone signals, micro wave etc.

There are some prior arts about data transfer through camera, e.g.

and However, they are not proposed to transfer data between two mobile devices.

When two users holding cell phone want to share some photos for each other, Bluetooth is a little complicated to set up if they don't take cable. So, we need a new, fast and easy solution to transfer data between devices in very short distance.

Considering the problem we want to solve and the more and more powerful capacity of mobile device, one method based on camera is proposed to transfer data between two mobile device in a very short distance(e.g. less than 1 meter).


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Figure 1 Key idea (data transfer from device A to device B)

Before data transfer between device A and device B, one device should take initiative to establish data transfer channel through camera. Once the channel is established, device A and device B will transfer data according to some communication controlling signals.

Physical Requirement

At least two mobile devices are required; each of them is of one display screen and one camera at the same side. Typically the camera is called front-facing camera. These two mobile devices need to be placed oppositely. Figure 2 shows the example.


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Figure 2 Placing position example of two mobile devices

For better explanation, we consider transfer file from device A to device B, in following paragraphs of this disclosure. One connection needs to be established bet...