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Ability to Share Field Help Between Application and External Help System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000228495D
Publication Date: 2013-Jun-13
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Ability to Share Field Help Between Application and External Help System

Marquis Waller and Jennifer Skiendzielewski

Disclosed is a system that allows field help to be shared between an application and an external help system. This invention lets the user to convert the descriptive text in the properties files into a DITA file (XML markup) that is used to generate HTML files that are used both by the Application and by any external help program. This allows for the field help to be in both the application and the external help program without requiring duplicate effort.

The first part of this invention lets developers continue to use the properties files that they are familiar with, but they are not used to provide the help in the application. Instead, the properties files are used to automatically generate DITA XML files. These DITA XML files can be processed by a publishing engine to create HTML files. Developers enter a name, a short name, and a description for an attribute in the properties file as they always have. The file is then checked into the file repository of choice (such as Subversion).

When the application is built, the properties files are read. If the build process detects any changes in the properties file, it generates a new DITA file for each new or changed attribute. These DITA file can then be edited with any standard authoring tool that supports DITA files if other changes are needed, or they can be moved on to the next part of the process...