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Mounting a boss on base to protect SoC's hangup due to discharge of ESD. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000228500D
Publication Date: 2013-Jun-14
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To prevent electromagnetic penetration from gap between base and printed circuit board and Small wall and small post was adopted. This method is very effective in improvement in the anti ESD (electrostatic discharge) in devices, such as hard disk drive which has severe restrictions in design space.

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ļ¼­ounting a boss on base to protect SoC 's hangup due to discharge of ESD .

  Install at least one boss (post) which serves as a lightning rod at the time of ESD impression in the side part of HDD upon which the space between PCBA and a base is wide and static electricity has trespassed, and make a base respond to ESD measure usage in it within the limits of machine dimensional tolerance of base and the dimensional tolerance of PCBA.

It can stop producing the phenomenon in which SoC hangs-up, in the ESD verification result after the ESD measure change to a base. As a result, it was able to pass to the ESD examination and the authentication examination.

Moreover, it is also effective to combine wall (curtain) with a boss (below blue arrow mark).


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