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System and Method for advertising targeting based upon calendar integration with social media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000228669D
Publication Date: 2013-Jun-28
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This outlines enhanced use of user calendar freetime/scheduling data as a means of enabling enhanced advertising target in tandem with social media. In particular, this proposes a number of solutions to make use of such data in this context more feasible.

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System and Method for advertising targeting based upon calendar integration with social media

Social media and work is increasingly becoming more inter-related. At the same time, there are opportunities to improve targeted advertising to a more specific audience.

    In today's world, often online advertising can be too broad in scope in terms of over-reaching with respect to targeted audience. For example, a restaurant ( in the city centre ) may wish to offer social network users a special weekday lunch offer; but there may be little point normally targeting users who are not able to avail of this offer if they are in work ( 10 miles outside the city centre ) typically at lunchtime on weekdays . However, if a given user is in fact on a day off from work, and that this fact can be determined on the relevant social network website, that user may indeed become interested in such an offer.

    A restaurant for example may have a number of free seats for lunch, as estimated by the amount of reservations allocated. If so desired, they may wish to send out an advert to offer a meal to social network users at a reduced rate, in order to fill seats which are expected to be vacant otherwise. Per-click advertising can prove to be an expensive method of such advert dispersal. Our disclosure therefore

would improve opportunities for companies to focus upon users considered "more likely" to avail of such offers.

    This disclosure proposes a more feasible mechanism for integration of a user's calendar, or calendar schedule, into a social network(s) advertising targeting mechanism, and that this can be used by advertisers to target such users based upon their estimated "free time" or vacation time in an enhanced manner.

    One embodiment relates to integration of a user's work calendar schedule into a social media site so that data from estimated working days, "free time", and holidays for a user can be availed of. This would then correlate with improved advertising targeting for allow advertisers to highlight offers to a focused degree upon users by a) avoiding advertising of services/products to users who are not in a position to avail of them given their schedule b) advertising specific offers to users

who are likely to be prone to consider such offers with more interest than would

otherwise be the case if targeted generally.

    If for example a user doesn't 'share' their calendar freetime information, a proposal would be to craft a methodology whereby:

a) A user does not share their public calendar freetime per se publicly.

b) It is stored locally on that basis - the calendar freetime per se cannot be seen in itself by other people - or other social media servers.

c) A chain of tentative adverts (chosen when they are compatible with the given user's profile information and initial expected timeframe based upon typical working hours of the user/office hours of the user in question), calculation using various

weighting approaches, is returned to the user - t...