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Integrating Email with Collaborative software platforms Disclosure Number: IPCOM000228692D
Publication Date: 2013-Jun-30
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Disclosed is a method to integrate email messaging platforms and team collaboration or social networking platforms. Those collaboration platforms may be public or private.

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Integrating Email with Collaborative software platforms

Currently, there is a lack of integration between an email platform and team collaboration or social networking platforms (such platforms may be public or private). Online collaboration channels have dramatically increased the exposure and exchange of relevant information; thus increasing overall productivity as a workforce and a society.

As users encounter interesting content (e.g., online, books, videos, pictures, text, etc.), users increasingly share the information over social networks. Those integration points toward collaboration platforms allow the information to flow freely to sites social networking sites. The easy redistribution of interesting content not only increases information exposure, but also increases each recipient's productivity and awareness, as more targeted information is accessible through common streams, reaching out more people.

Unfortunately, such an integration paradigm is not extended to users' email clients. This shortfall reduces the amount of available information, preventing users from acting or reacting, and reducing awareness.

Developers and users often strive to find the right balance between public and private collaboration platforms. This might result in an email platform that handles volumes over capacity, and internal or external collaboration sites that are at odds or under capacity.

In order to help promote the information, ultimately further increasing productivity by better sharing relevant content, this invention proposes a method to optionally share email messages received with a private or public collaboration platform. Such an integration provides viable alternatives to the email forward flow (i.e., FWD), and can help users transition toward a new communication paradigm.

The core idea is this concept is integration between an email messaging platform and team collaboration and social networking platforms. Those collaboration platforms may be public or private. The invention concerns received emails, where recipients can

decide to share the content of an email being received to a collaborative environment, broadening and expanding the reach of the conversation.

Following are the features and functions of the concept in a preferred embodiment:

• Integration enablement. The integration only concerns received emails. It allows sharing, on a per-email basis, of the email (i.e., text and/or attachment) to a collaborative platform of choice....