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Method to inform the user of impending danger while using portable music device. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000228906D
Original Publication Date: 2013-Jul-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2013-Jul-11
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This submission informs the user of a portable music device automatically about impending danger or changes to the environment by interrupting the music with a beep, spoken word, or by lowering the volume.

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Method to inform the user of impending danger while using portable music device

Runners or walkers enjoy listening to music on portable music devices, but it can be dangerous to not be fully aware of your surroundings if the volume is too loud. For example, the user would be less aware if a vehicle was approaching from the periphery or from behind.

A user can manually adjust the volume, but there is nothing that automatically changes the volume based on potential dangers in the environment.

This solution could lower the volume and/or provide a warning (beep, spoken word) if something with motion was approaching from behind or from the periphery. In this way, the runner would not be startled or struck by a passing runner, animal, bicyclist, or vehicle. Sensors could be worn or built into the music device to detect dangers. Sensors such as camera, microphone, infrared, or ultrasonic could be used to detect motion or sound.

For example, if sound above a threshold is detected, the solution would lower the volume. If an object were approaching above a certain speed, the solution could lower the volume or provide a warning such as "Car on the left". For smaller objects or those approaching at slower speeds (animal, jogger with stroller), it could provide a different warning. The solution could also enable the user to dismiss certain alerts: for example, if you have a jogging partner at a pretty consistent pace behind you, the user could dismiss after being alerted one...