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A method and system of discussion based email system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229546D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-06
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Display style, storage and access control method would be described in this disclosure.User would experience a forum-styled way ,during the whole mail processing. Each reply to one mail would be displayed under the exact section which you replied to, just like what user experenced during the web-forum surferring. Besides, there will be only one copy for each sent mail on the server side, even this mail is spreaded to many recipients.Additionally,only privileged recipients ,which mail sender granted(through to, cc or forward mail), could have read or write access to that mail in the section.

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A method and system of discussion based email system


     This invention solved current mail systems' problem of huge copies of mail storage on server and problem of complex mess mail threads for a discussion.¬†Current mail systems are always based on email transaction and if the mail is sent to a lot of people. There will be huge copies on the mail server for different people. The storage consume of the email increased rapidly for a broadcasting mail. Meanwhile if there are many people who want to discuss the topic of the original mail, they will reply to the one they received and for a discuss in mail system, it will derive different mail thread, it will cost more effort and ¬†energy for people who might later step in to understand the cause and effect. A method and system of discussion based email system is invented for this background. This mail system is based on discussion and no matter how many people are listed in the mail list, there will be only one copy saved on server which is the mail document and related to the author of the mail. Other people do have read and modify right to operate the mail. They can also easily reply the mail by adding new content to the mail document. This mail system seems like a forum and people can reply to any of the mail received before and do not destroy the structure of the mail thread since only one mail document is created and all different threads are just part content of the mail. The mail thread structure will be more clear.

    Convert traditional mail system into a much more social discussion forum. User won't need to deal with multiple mail messages during one topic.The whole experience is similar to what they're doing during surfing the forum in the website.

    Keep focusing on one topic and add the stake holders who you think they are necessary to know about the topic or to help resolve the problem.

Disadvantage of current mail system

1. Depends on the numbers of the end users, current mail system would save the same email to all the participants' database. That will waste multi-times of storage space especially when the emails with attachments.

2. The access control is not strong. Once user receive a email, he can forward it to others at anytime and change the content of the original mail. Others may not see the original mail. Also the forward action will forward the whole mail thread to others. It's not easy to control whose reply will be forward.

3. The mail thread is not well-organized and clear for user's reading and index. Usually, user need to go through the whole mail thread to get the information. And if the email is replied by several persons and from different


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phrase of the mail thread, it will be hard for user to follow.

4. The current email system is not easy to be integrated with other social application. Sometime user may what share some topics which is already in email.

Details of the disclosure

Discussion based

    In this system, each user has a homep...