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Method To Input Password by Disorder on Coordinate System

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229554D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-06
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Over the years, mobile devices such as smartphones have become widespread. Many users covet the convenient access to the Internet, and the growing number of applications available on smartphones. Today, individuals can perform a wide range of functions such as online banking, shopping, etc. via smartphones, and many smartphone browsers can be configured by users to remember passwords, form data, and other information to provide quick and easy access to account information, e-mails, and so on. Furthermore, smartphones typically store the names and addresses of contacts. In this regard, smartphones generally contain sensitive information. Smartphones typically allow users to lock their phones such that a password or finger gesture tracing a pre-defined pattern must be entered in order to unlock the phone. However, various perceived shortcomings exist with these security mechanisms : (1) it's often easy to pick up a finger gesture trace by watching the movement of the hand; (2) 4-digit pins can be guessed with alarming ease; (3) finger gestures are prone to mistake; and (4) the password has to be entered in the same order, each time.

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Method To Input Password by Disorder on Coordinate System

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This method for unlocking a user equipment by multpls passwords, the first password receive from keyboard, the second password may receive from camera, the third password received from function button. This method is too complex and slow to input all passwords and can easily leak to others.

A method is described for unlocking a mobile devices such as smartphones or inputting password in browsers. Displaying an (X,Y) coordinate system interface on a screen for receiving an unlocking gesture, the X coordinate's value represents one bit of the password's value, and the Y coordinate's value represents which bit you want to input in your password.If the whole password for attempting to unlock the mobile device matches a predefined unlock password, the screen will be unlocked. In this method, the password does not have to be entered in the same order each time. The Y coordinate, which determines which password bit to change, can be switched each time you enter your password.


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This method would confuse onlookers and eavesdroppers.

In some cases, gesture unlock patterns set up by an authorized user can be discovered by viewing the finger smudge path on the glass . This smudge path is particularly visible when the screen is dark (off) as the unlock gesture is many times traced out in a more intentional fashion where the user exerts more finger press...