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System and apparatus for solution searching via mathematical formula input Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229567D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-06
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we address the new problem: input a mathematical formula either by handwritten or by keyboard etc, the system can tell the user the relevant solvers/algorithms agianst the input formula. Since the problem is totally new, there is no existing methods can handle this task. Our disclosure discloses the method and system for recognizing the input formula and claim an indexing structure particularly designed for mathematical formula, which improve the searching for similar formula from other documents, then the associated algorithm descriptions and solvers can be further detected from the documents and propogate to the references to dig out more deep information. Finally the result ranking is based on considering the importance of the searched documents, the similarity of the input formula, and other possible factors.

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System and apparatus for solution searching via mathematical formula input

The following flowchart describes the methodology of the proposed disclosure. Users with different domain knowledge background, e.g. image processing, oil engineering, and recommender system transfer and abstract their practical problem into a mathematical formulation, which is the input of the proposed equation search component. The proposed method explore the multiple possible solvers that have different pros and cons, e.g. one solver is highly efficient while at the cost of lower accuracy. While the other solver might achieve better accuracy while being computational inefficient.

Specifically, the equation search component consists of the followingmodules:

- Formula indexing structure

- Algorithm flow chart detection

- Reference propagation

- Iterative equation searching & algorithm chart detection & reference propagation


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The formulat indexing module

- Discover the key mathematical symbol sequential patterns for clustering and indexing from the collected data

- Rule out some mathematically unreasonable patterns and add some complements as possible

- Each inputting formula can be mapped into different indexes in terms of its different symbols

Relevance measurement

- Formula itself similarity (text)
- Visual similarity

- Importance of the paper/document where the candidate formula is, it can be measured by the document citation numbers, the authors' citation numbers, the pr...