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Method and Apparatus for Customized Portlets Generation from Web Application through Navigation Path Analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229937D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-08
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This invention provides one method and mechanism to enable the customized portlets from the web application through the analysis on the navigation path. It provides the Portleting Engine including Portlet generator to support the customization capabilities, and the Action Event Analyzer to determine the intra-port and inter-portlet action event by analyzing the relationship of web pages. Firstly, it analyzes the user’s browsing history by checking the click path, etc.; and then can build the navigation path from the root page of the web application to leaf node page for each user. After categorizing the navigation path by user role, it will determine the common navigation path between root page and each leaf node page by each user role. Finally, it will generate the portlets from the web application including 1) For the web page which has only one child, the intra-portlet action event should be created for parent page and child page; 2) For the web page which has multiple children, the inter-portlet action event should be created for parent page and each child page.

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Method and Apparatus for Customized Portlets Generation from Web Application through Navigation Path Analysis

Portlet and Personalization Experience

A portlet is a web component (application) that runs in a portlet container, processes requests and generates dynamic content;

Portlets can communicate with each other and use events to determine a user's path through an application;

A single portlet can also have multiple instances-in other words, it can appear on a variety of different pages within a single

portal, or even across multiple portals;

Personalization capabilities: the portal administrator can customize portlets to meet the needs of specific users or groups;

Support the navigational state path by using portal URLs which often contain state information for the page and all the portlets on


Support the portlets assembling capabilities by mashup them together;

As Portlets by definition are pluggable user interface based services that are managed and displayed by a portlet container, the requirements about normalizing the page flow to the portlets come out, especially for those situations as below:

1) expect to easily share between different applications;

2) need to integrate with the existing portal application;

Problem & Challenge:

How to provide the customized and personalized user experience by enabling portlets for general web application?

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converting an existing web application into a portlet

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The prior arts use the traditional method to po...