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Method and system for mobile device for authenticating the identity of a person Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229941D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-08
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A program is disclosed which talks about a method and system which can identify the owner of a mobile device by authenticating the identity of a person. The application for this authentication can vary widely, like increasing the protection level of file / folder or even the mobile device itself based on degree of deviation in usage behavior .This method is another alternative to biometric authentication for sending to server for logging in to an app or a web site.

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Method and system for mobile device for authenticating the identity of a person

Users store a lot of valuable information in mobile devices. If the mobile phone is lost or any unauthorized persons use the mobile phone then there is a chance of confidential information being leaked.

The proposed program is proposing to capture the measurement of the sizes and shapes of the fingers touching the screen, and the relative position of these shapes. The program is calculating translation of size/shape to deduce pressure.

The program also proposes a way to hold the amount of pressure of the fingers against the screen constant. The weight of the mobile device is used, which does not change rather than relying on the amount of pressure the user asserts against the mobile device.

Proposed is the following with these in mind, the use of holding the mobile device upside down on top of any three fingers from either the left or the right hand, such that

 the screen is facing the fingers (upside down)

 the joins of those three fingers are centered on the screen

 then rock the mobile device back and forth a few time (ie., rock between 5 degree in both direction from center, but capture data at 2-3 degree both directions)


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This is pretty close to a finger print because of the following

When the mobile device is tilted (rocked back and forth), capture three instances of positions

- when weigh is at top of device (2-3 degree toward the top)
- when weigh is at...