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Method and System for Audibly Differentiating Multi-user Edit Remarks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229981D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-12
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A method and system for audibly differentiating multi-user edit remarks is disclosed. The method and system associates a unique voice with an edit made by a user on the document and utilizes the unique voice to read out the edit of the document.

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-user Edit Remarks

user Edit Remarks

Disclosed is a method and system for audibly differentiating multi-user edit remarks.

The figure illustrates a flowchart of execution of the method disclosed herein.

Method and System for Audibly Differentiating Multi -


As illustrated in the figure, the method includes processing one or more of, but not limited to, comments, changes and edits performed by multiple users on the document by assigning different voices to each user who either edits or changes any content of the document. After assigning different voices, the method and system identifies the one or more of comments, changes and edits by utilizing suitable notations. The notations are associated with different editors or users and are used as a checkpoint in the document to identify the respective editors or users during reading of the document. Thereafter, the method and system couples each editor with a respective and unique computer generated voice. When a user intends to read the document using existing text-to-speech technology, then the method and system utilizes the computer generated


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voices coupled with the users to read out the document. In addition, the method and system utilizes another unique voice to read the original document content before any change or edit is made by any user. As a result, the method and system utilizes a different voice each time for reading an edit from a different user for the document that is read utilizing existing speech-to-text technology. Therefore, for...