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System and Method to facilitate Automatic Globalization Verification Test

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229987D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-12
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In today's software testing, automation and automation practices take center stage. Automation tools have evolved to become very sophisticated especially the tools that accommodate GUI (Graphic User Interface) testing where the operating system native controls and application objects are recognized.

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System and Method to facilitate Automatic Globalization Verification Test

This disclosure is to help a script writer to create a language neutral script by using a language neutral key in Java resource bundle properties/xml (Extensible Markup Language) files automatically in the case of Java.

Typically, it would be possible to use a language neutral keyword in Java resource bundle file instead of English data for example, but it is too difficult to find, because there are too many properties or xml files in Java J2EE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition) application or other types for that matter. In addition, sometimes there are some duplicated keywords, for example, one English word is translated to Japanese as more than one word, or one Japanese word is translated to multiple English words. Therefore, a script writer would be struggling to find an exact match keyword in many properties/xml files with try and error.

This flow shows how to migrate English based Function Verification Test script to a language neutral Globalization Verification Test script by using automation tools (Key Searcher and File Scanner).

(1) Prepare result.properties by using File Scanner, which scans all resource bundle

properties or xml files in J2EE applications and generates result.properties file per each languages, whose contents are a language natural keyword and language value.

(2) Find a language neutral keyword by using Key Searcher, which searches keyword

candidates to match an...