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Method to enter split view. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000229999D
Original Publication Date: 2013-Aug-12
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This article describes how to enter split view on a computing device.

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Method to enter split view

Split view is a feature that allows a user to work with multiple applications on a single screen. On the traditional Windows desktop, split view can be entered by pressing "WindowsKey+LeftArrow" to put a window to the left side of the screen. In Metro, split view can be entered by dragging a window to view 1/3, 2/3, or ½ the screen size of the window.

It is difficult to enter split view with multiple applications. The split view feature may be unknown to the user.

The user can manually enter split view using the keyboard or mouse. This is a tedious process for the user. When switching between apps, a user may not recognize when split view could be beneficial to them by making it quicker than switching between apps.

To solve this problem, split view can be recommended at times useful to the user.

When a user switches between 2 or more applications, the system detects this and recommends the user enter split view.

Once the system detects split view could be beneficial:

1) A graphical display covering a portion of the screen may be displayed to show the user an example of what split view would look like.

2) Another notification method could be used (e.g. toast message, dialog prompt, etc) to inform the user of split view, allowing them to easily enter split view.

3) Split view may be automatically entered when the user switches between apps. This could be configured by the user.

The system may require a user to switch between 2 or more a...