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Heating solution for compact switchgear at low temperature Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230146D
Publication Date: 2013-Aug-22
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Our competitors has heating devices on or in their own products, and has products with mixed gases or decreased SF6 pressure solutions for low temperature application. It has not done before to design heating devices for PASS application at low temperature of -45°C. Installing heating devices on PASS will keep the original structure of PASS product, prevent large amount of redesign and cost if using other method, and it is the most reliable and economic way to meet the market requirement. Moreover, the devices can be easily installed and reliably operated on site.

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Title: Heating solution for compact switchgear at low temperature

Author: Baotong Wang, David-jing Wang, Lanhong Yong


SF6 switchgear has been widely used in the power grid with the voltage higher than 72.5kV. It plays a vital role in control and protection of power grid. Minimum operation ambient temperature of SF6 switchgear relates to the gas type and pressure, and is determined before the design of the switchgear according to the market requirement. For those switchgears need to work at lower temperature, several methods can be used for such application. First, lower SF6 pressure. Second, replace the pure SF6 gas with mixed gases. Third, apply heating devices to prevent SF6 gas from liquefaction at lower temperature.

However, based on design margin of the switchgear and clients’ requirements, especially with compact switchgear, heating is the most cost-effective solution. Compact switchgear is characterized by a compact and modular design, which integrates several different functions in a single module. The compact switchgear assemblies consist either of components of air-insulated switchgear (AIS) or of a combination of air-insulated switchgear and gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), so called mixed technology switchgear (MTS). The compact switchgear also includes hybrid gas insulated switchgear (HGIS).

In this paper, a reliable and cost-effective heating solution is proposed to achieve the lower temperature application of compact switchgear.


The heating solution is inspired from the modular design concept of Plug and Switch System (PASS), which is compact switchgear with air insulated connections and gas insulated housing. Though the relevant heating devices were designed based on different structures of PASS modules, and t...