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Thermocouple Array Adaptor

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230782D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-12
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Disclosed is an invention that groups together ten (10) thermocouples to make plugging / unplugging much faster cutting down on the overall test cycle. This invention still allows the use of all the same equiptment that was previously used.

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Thermocouple Array Adaptor

During Product Safety testing we are faced with having to connect and disconnect a large number of thermocouples multiple times. This adds a lot of time to Safety test and delays the overall support schedule.

Due to the large number of thermocouples coming from the equipment under test, there are organizational issues.

Due to plugging and unplugging so many thermocouples, occasionally they get damaged.

Create a thermocouple array adapter to simplify the connections process of large numbers of thermocouples which will help decrease the total test time.

     - This array adaptor will reduce the number of connections by a factor of 10.
During typical product safety testing of a server, there are ~250 thermocouples routed throughout the frame for normal and abnormal thermal testing. By using these adapters we can decrease the number of items to plug to around 25 which will greatly speed up the process.

Plug in all thermocouples once into these new thermocouple array adaptors and keep them with the equipment throughout the duration of the test.

     - Plugging and unplugging then becomes easier since the number of connections has been decreased from 10 to 1.

     - Groups of ten to fit existing equipment.
By decreasing the number of thermocouple connections from 10 to 1, it is much easier to stay organized because there is a smaller number of connections that have to be made and less tangling of the thermocouple wires.

Reduce the risk of damaging thermoco...