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Method & Apparatus for Automated Cloud Resource Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230863D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-16
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Disclosed solution provides a method for automated cloud resource management.

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Method & Apparatus for Automated Cloud Resource Management

Cloud resource management is complex and cumbersome, involving several low-level tasks for a single resource management operation. Therefore, automated support for translating user-defined management operations onto low-level tasks is essential for simplifying cloud resource management. Many existing products

provide simple scripting facilities to develop configuration/provisioning scripts wherein most of them do not provide automated support for translating high-level user operations to low-level tasks. To that end, the solution that is disclosed here is

provide a system and method to automate cloud resource management operations.

Solution - Details

§ The disclosed solution covers the following features (also depicted in the diagram below):

- Automated keyword recognition

- Keyword translation into user-level operation

- User operation mapping to sequence of user-level tasks

- Task sequence execution

- Task sequence management, including fault management in case of failed tasks


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Applications and Merits:

§ This solution puts in place a system for translating user intentions of management operations onto the actual tasks whose implementation can be automated for complex tasks. The complex tasks can be like IPv6 setup for a cluster of nodes in a cloud data center or virutal machine image management.

§ This solution provides a mechanism for mapping high-level management operations onto low-...