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Risk-Based Reward System for a Gamified Community Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230896D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-17
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Gamified communities are becoming very popular. This article outlines a unique type of incentive to be used in a gamified community.

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Risk-Based Reward System for a Gamified Community

     Many social community websites have elements of gamification: the practice of adding game elements to a non-game environment. The most common trait of a gamified website is a point system where users gain points as they participate in generating content. Users can then use those points to gain rewards, creating an incentive for the user to participate even more.

     A fundamental problem in reputation systems is a bias towards users with large amounts of time to post a lot of content. Users who have useful knowledge but cannot find the time to post it are not given as much of an incentive because it will be difficult for them to amass reputation over time.

     There are a couple solutions to this problem on existing sites. The first is to have smaller rewards. Of course, smaller rewards mean less incentive to post content for users. The other solution is to just have users take longer to gain an award. Unfortunately, users are often discouraged if posting content will only pay off in the long run. Thus, right now websites with reputation rewards are either sacrificing frequency or quality for users who cannot find large amounts of time to participate.

     The solution proposed is to address the problems above is a risk-based reward system. Compared to the traditional way of gaining rewards, the risk-based reward system will allow users to wager a small amount of points to gain a large reward. Of course, the chances of gettin...