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Device and method for performing trade studies of dynamic systems using multiple simulations, with variation of behaviors and values Disclosure Number: IPCOM000230916D
Publication Date: 2013-Sep-18
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A method is disclosed that enable system engineers to simulate SysML models multiple times without regenerating executable programs.

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Device and method for performing trade studies of dynamic systems using multiple simulations ,


with variation of behaviors and values

with variation of behaviors and values

Systems engineers need to compare design alternatives using quantitative measures. The alternatives vary in things such as values (e.g. size, weight, power consumption), structure (e.g. topology, interfaces, allocation of function to different hardware configuration) and behavior (e.g. states and modes of the system, reaction to event, processing of signals). A common approach to validate each design alternative is to run

simulations and perform measurements based on these runs.

    In model-based systems engineering (MBSE), there are models who describe the systems functions using languages such as SysML, however, these models are not

well suited to describe continuous physical processes which conform to time dependent differential equations.

In current art, there are methods that allow integration of requirements/functional models that describe the logic of the system parts with models describing the physical processes (plant) and continuous algorithms so the system in its entirety is simulated.

    However, in current art, one needs to compare different design alternatives so one needs to create and compile simulation components for every design alternative and then compile and prepare drivers and monitors components per simulation scenarios. This is labor intensive and error prone. Also, the results of each run need to be traced to the design alternative and then managed to allow comparison of simulation runs.

Problems solved by this invention

Engineers specify different design alternatives that vary in values, structure and behavior

They need to perform simulations for every alternative for various scenarios in order

to compare between the design alternatives

Known solutions
Rational Rhapsody

Has an ability to co-simulate SysML blocks describing the discrete logic and overall system structure with simulation tools (e.g. MATLAB Simulink) that describe continuous algorithms and physical processes of the environment.

Problems in prior art approach --------------------------------------------

After changing a system value, or system behavior, one needs to recreate the simulation environment for every design option and scenario. This is a labor intensive and error prone.

Hard to compare results of the various simulations

Need to keep manage multiple versions of the system designs, which differ only

specific values and/or behavior

A lot of time spend creating all the scenarios

Core idea of this invention -------------------------------------

Engineers specify their system model describing the overall functional requirements

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and architecture (in SysML in our case) and link them to models describing continuous logic (using MATLAB Simulink in our case)

Engineers define various system para...